UTeach Maker Fellows

UTeach Maker Fellows

UTeach Maker Fellows

Kyle De Souza Albernaz Headshot

Kyle Albernaz (Chemistry& Noyce Scholar) - Fall 2017

Making means bringing creativity into the sciences. Growing up, it always seemed like there was a strict dichotomy between creative types and logical types. Those that were driven by logic went into the sciences, and those that created things went elsewhere, or went into the sciences without the intention of utilizing that creativity. The maker movement has shown me that I can have meaningful learning experiences in logical subjects while also feeling fulfilled in my creative side. To me, making means bridging the gap between different types of people to foster a new community of learning.

Kyle's Maker Showcase


Paige Arneson Headshot

Paige Arneson (Biology) - Spring 2017

Making in education is about empowering. Making provides students with an opportunity to take ownership and make a product they are proud of, with the potential of interweaving multiple disciplines. Making allows students to think critically and problem solve.

Paige's Maker Showcase


Abdulkarim Bora Headshot

Abdulkarim Bora (Physics & Noyce Scholar) - Fall 2017

Making means bringing your imagination to life. We tend to underestimate ourselves and what we can accomplish, but if we put together our minds and are willing to learn new skills, we can go from being novices to experts. Making allows people to explore activities like sewing, 3D printing, constructing, and more. The most exciting part is that anyone can be a Maker and their creative project is their own.

Abdulkarim's Maker Showcase


Payton Crawley's Headshot

Payton Crawley (Mathematics) - Spring 2018

I believe that making is the primary purpose of education, so by including making in a curriculum, students can explore more ways to solve the problems they see in their world. By being good makers, students are also learning how to thrive in society. They learn to find creative ways to innovate, and they can learn to do so as a group working together.

Payton's Maker Showcase


Krystal Evans Headshot

Krystal Evans – Mathematics (Inservice Teacher, Connally HS) - Spring 2018

Making gives students ownership over their learning. It is the best expression of creativity and creative thinking, and is a release for your inner need to manifest your thoughts and ideas. It gives a purpose for learning.

Krystal's Maker Showcase


Mirna Gonzalez Headshot

Mirna Gonzalez (Chemistry & Noyce Scholar) - Fall 2017

Making means innovation. People can try new things while they are making something and in the process they could improve on a preexisting invention, or create something new altogether. There is also no right or wrong in this process so there is the freedom to try anything. Not only is making innovative in the resulting products, but also in the fact that it is interdisciplinary. It is a way of combing math, science, and engineering but also incorporates a creative element.

Mirna's Maker Showcase


Amy Gross Headshot

Amy Gross (Curriculum and Instruction) - Fall 2017

Making is a way to bring knowledge to life, engage students, and create meaningful experiences. Making represents creativity in teaching and learning and it creates a novel experience that forces students to be present and active in class. Making can create pride in one's work with the potential to have a tangible product that students can walk away with.

Amy's Maker Showcase


John Langdon Headshot

John Langdon (Post Baccalaureate) - Fall 2017

Making is about making technology work in the real world ; turning ideas into prototypes, then making prototypes work better. It gives students practical confidence and hands on experience with trial and error success - the key element of engineering.

John's Maker Showcase


Kira Lowery Headshot

Kira Lowery – Science (Inservice Teacher, NYOS Charter School) - Spring 2018

Making is a way to solve problems through creation. When practicing making you are able to improve your critical-thinking skills by engaging in a hands-on solving mechanism. Makers are able to approach any problem with the idea that it can be solved, it just takes a bit of creativity and tinkering.

Kira's Maker Showcase


Aminadab Morales Headshot

Aminadab Morales (Physics) - Fall 2017

To me, making is a revolutionary tool that can be used to supplement so much of the knowledge we teach our students. It is a way to apply the in-class knowledge to something you can put your hands on.

Aminadab's Maker Showcase


Ayesha Qadri Headshot

Ayesha Qadri (Biology) - Spring 2018

Making is practicing and building upon your knowledge by taking your curiosity a step further and reinforcing it into something tangible. Making is what humans can do best, and that is the legacy we leave behind. To me, making means transforming an idea or a thought into reality by producing it and using it to benefit those around you.

Ayesha's Maker Showcase


Miriam Reyes Headshot

Miriam Reyes (Biology) - Spring 2017

Making is anything that involves hands on creation, whether it be digital or physical. The purpose is to encourage the application of knowledge, as well as to get students' minds stimulated and working on solving problems.

Miriam's Maker Showcase


Hannah Spock Headshot

Hannah Spock (Biochemistry) - Spring 2017

Making is a great cross-curricular tool which relies on many skills, depending on the project. My favorite aspect is the potential for creativity and artistic expression, followed closely by the need for incorporation of "shop" skills and technology.

Hannah's Maker Showcase


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