Maker Showcase

What is a Maker Showcase?

A Maker Showcase is a open portfolio that UTeach Makers create to document and archive their Maker experiences. This website will serve as a repository of work to show to the larger community including future employers. The goal of this Showcase is for students to create a personal expression of their Maker journey that can be shared with others.

A Maker Showcase should provide documentation of work in each of four areas.

    1. Maker Philosophy

    2. Maker Project

    3. Maker Education

    4. Maker Community

Specific requirements for each area can be referenced using the buttons at the bottom of the page

Documentation may include photo evidence, blog posts, participation in discussion board, personal reflections, assignments completed as part of the UTeach coursework, or any artifact that reflects the student's progress or ideas in a particular area.

Website Builder is a free service that can host your Maker Showcase, Other platforms (such as Google Sites, Wix, IM creator, Weebly) are also welcome.

Once a Maker Showcase is complete, it will be submitted for review. A national leader in Maker Education will review the Showcase and provide feedback. This feedback is intended to support the UTeach Maker in reflecting on and strengthening their final product. In the final stage, each UTeach Maker will present their Showcase to a small group. This process should help students articulate their experience so that they can share it with the larger community and/or present it in employment interviews.

Maker Showcase Categories and Criteria


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