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September 2017 - Lighting-Up UTeach Maker

Sept. 5, 2017

09-05-2017 Picture 1Welcome back! UTeach Maker officially kicked-off with our Fall 2017 cohort on 09/05/2017 with our makers and mentors in attendance. We learned about all of the exciting creative activities everybody had done over the summer, such as Lauren's Human Sundial, and welcomed our newest Maker Mentor, Rich LeGrand.

April 2017 - Maker Showcase Presentations & Circuit Blocks

April 25, 2017

UTeach Maker Cohort Meeting 04-25-2017 - Photo 1After two semesters with UTeach Maker, Paige Arneson and Hannah Spock were excited to show everybody the progress they had made by presenting their Maker Showcases. Highlighting her passion for biology and sewing, Paige presented her e-textile circulatory system. Her design involved using conductive thread, fabric, sewable LEDs, and a Lilypad Arduino that would light-up to demonstrate circulation in the human body.

April 2017 - A Night at Articulture Design

April 11, 2017

UTeach Maker Cohort Meeting 04-11-2017 - Photo 1Articulture Designs and UTeach Maker got together for a night celebrating the intersection of Making and the natural world. This was a chance for Makers and nature lovers to mingle. The night featured Articulture Designs founder and lead designer Monique Capanelli, who shared her own Maker journey. Dinner was served outdoors in the Articulture gardens.

March 2017 - SXSW Create and New Spring 2017 Maker Cohort

March 11, 2017

UTeach Maker Cohort Meeting 03-11-2017 - Photo 0It is with great pleasure that we had the opportunity on March 11th to formally welcome our Spring 2017 UTeach Maker Cohort!

February 2017 - Visit to Ann Richards Makerspace - Part 2

Feb. 21, 2017

UTeach Maker Cohort Meeting 02-21-2017 - Photo 1Continuing on the "Six Inch Chop Saw Challenge", the UTeach Makers returned to Ann Richards Middle School for their second challenge: to built a perfect 8 foot x 8 foot x 8 foot cube. Using measuring tapes, pencils, squares, and the chop saw, Oren Connell gave the Makers the required specifications and left to themselves to determine how they would accomplish the task.

January 2017 - Visit to Ann Richards Makerspace - Part 1

Jan. 31, 2017

Cohort Meeting - 01-31-2017 - Photo 1On Tuesday 1/31/2017 UTeach Makers and mentors got together to visit the Ann Richards Makerspace. Mentors Patrick Benfield and Oren Connell led the night. UTeach Makers learned new skills through competing in the "Six Inch Chop Saw Challenge" and we discussed how to use tools safely with students. Current UTeach Makers also presented some of their recent work and displayed their Maker Showcases. And, there was plenty of yummy food, of course.

November 2016 - Visit to the UT Foundry Makerspace

Nov. 17, 2016

Cohort Meeting - 11-17-2016 - Photo 2On Thursday 11/17/2016 UTeach Makers and mentors had the opportunity to visit the Foundry at the UTexas Fine Arts Library. Everybody had an opportunity to see examples of 3D printed objects and learn a little about thee different techniques used in additive and subtractive digital fabrication.

October 2016 - First Maker Meeting

Oct. 27, 2016

Card Sorting Photo 01UTeach Maker officially kicked-off with the first cohort of students on Thursday 10/27/2016 with all our UTeach Maker, mentors, and advisors in attendance. As a kick-off activity, we learned a little about everybody and their background in making and being creative. Patrick Benfield introduced the group to a card sorting activity to help think about the different tools, techniques, and philosophies behind making.