Dr. Shuanna Smith

Dr. Shaunna Smith

STEM Specialist & Liaison, STEM Pre-Academy, University of Hawai'i - Mānoa

Dr. Smith is a STEM Specialist & Liaison for the STEM Pre-Academy at the University of Hawai'i - Mānoa. Her work includes supporting middle school teachers to integrate Next Generation Science Standards into their curriculum. As a former art and technology educator at the secondary and post-secondary levels, she is particularly interested in exploring how hands-on engagement in design (e.g., crafting, making, digital fabrication, 3D modeling and printing, electronics, computer programming, and robotics) can impact interdisciplinary learning experiences. She researches how recurring experiences with design impact visual-spatial skills, self-efficacy, and positive attitudes toward failure (e.g., persistence in the face of obstacles and reconceptualization of failure as a paradigm for creative learning) with teachers and students.