UTeach Maker is an endorsement program that supports passionate UTeach students interested in bringing innovative practices and skills into their STEM classroom. This program is for pioneers who want to bring project-based, constructionist, maker education to learning spaces. Students selected for UTeach Maker will have the opportunity to:
  • participate in cutting edge Maker professional development
  • build community with other UTeach Makers via monthly cohort meetings
  • receive support for Maker projects in their classes or teaching placements
  • interact with leading Maker educators and develop a Maker Showcase to serve as a portfolio of their work
  • work in specialized Maker internships and gain a leg up in the job market
  • receive a Maker Endorsement from the UTeach program to show future employers
  • inspire and empower students through Making!!!!!

Those entering the workforce with a UTeach Maker endorsement will be attractive to prospective employers and show that they have the initiative, creativity, and work ethic needed to be educational trailblazers.

Why UTeach Maker?

An overview of UTeach Maker and why Making is important in education .

The UTeach Maker Program

Who we are, what we do, and what it means to be a UTeach Maker.

What is Making?

Find out more about the Maker Movement and how it relates to education.

Maker Resources

Readings and Blogs that can help you learn more about Maker education.

Current UTeach Makers

Who are the current UTeach Makers and why did they join?

The UTeach Maker Experience

Find out more about the activities we do together

Making Across the Curriculum

UTeach Maker supports hands-on education. Find out how it is integrated into existing curriculum.

For questions about UTeach Maker or to find out more, contact Dr. Shelly Rodriguez

UTeach Maker is funded in part by a grant from The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (Award ID 1557155)

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All work and products of UTeach Maker are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.