About UTeach Maker

About UTeach Maker

UTeach Maker is a selective micro-credentialing program that supports passionate UTeach students (enrolled in Step 2 or beyond) interested in bringing innovative practices and skills into their STEM classroom. Each UTeach Maker will have a Maker mentor throughout their experience, receive an opportunity to develop key skills, enhance their resumes and help launch their teaching careers through the hands-on experience gained in this innovative program. UTeach Maker is highly competitive and is limited to a handful of students that are inspired by and committed to Making. New applications are accepted to fill spaces vacated as current UTeach Makers graduate the program.

UTeach students selected for UTeach Maker will have the opportunity to:

*participate in cutting edge Maker professional development
*build community with other UTeach Makers via monthly cohort meetings
*receive support for Maker projects in their classes or teaching placements
*select from a suite of Maker activities to personalize their learning experience
*Interact with leading Maker educators
*work in specialized Maker internships
*work with a personal mentor and develop a Maker Showcase to serve as a portfolio of their work
* gain a leg up in the job market

The Maker Showcase will highlight student work in four areas:

  • Establishing a Maker philosophy,
  • Creating a Maker project,
  • Engaging with the Maker community, and
  • Participating in K-12 Maker education.

Once complete, students will submit their Maker Showcase for public review and feedback.

At the end of this process, students will earn a certificate or endorsement from the UTeach program outlining their work in Maker education. They will also have developed a website that shows their work to the larger community, schools, and administrators.

Expectations for UTeach Makers (including, but not limited to the following)

Must be able to participate in program-related activities
Willing and able to develop and present their own Maker project
Must remain in good academic standing
Willing to maintain timely communication with their Maker mentor
Able to successfully complete all program requirements
Willing to serve as a mentor to newer participants in UTeach Maker

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