The UTeach Maker Lesson Bank

This lesson bank is an archive of the lessons submitted by UTeach Makers as part of their Maker Showcase. This page also includes some of the documents used in the planning process. These STEM lessons were designed by teachers and, as with anything we make, they are a work in progress. These posts are intended to provide creative ideas, resources, and thoughts about improvement and redesign for others interested in classroom making. The files provide an overview of the lessons and a link to the Maker Showcase for each maker where more detailed lesson plans and materials are housed. The hope is that these lessons will inspire other Maker educators to try out similar ideas and continue to improve on these early iterations. Happy Making!


All work and products of UTeach Maker are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


This MCI FAQ list was generated as part of the 2019 Austin Maker Faire Educators Summit. It has a list of responses to commonly asked questions about making in schools and is a good resource for anyone getting started.


Items c/o UTeach Maker Fellow, Kira Lowry. She uses these activities in her classroom makerspace.


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