ed tech
Saturday Nov. 14
Ed Tech 4 Making - Acquisition and Investigation Tools
1 to 3 p.m.
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Join Dr. Shaunna Smith from The University of Hawaii, Manoa for this one of a kind workshop series. She will align best practices from the world of instructional technology with the elements of making. The four-part series will cover ed-tech tools and skills to support students in designing, building, and making original creations. A list of the topics covered in each workshop in the series is below:

10/17      Discussion and Reflection Tools to Support Student Engagement & Personal Meaning

11/14      Acquisition and Investigation Tools to Help Students Make Explicit Connections to Content

SP21   Creating and Editing Tools to Encourage Design, Iteration, and Making

SP21    Remixing and Presentation Tools to Foster Collaboration and Sharing Work


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