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April 8, 2018
Workshop  04-08-2018 - Photo 1

Shelly and Jason hosted a UTeach Maker Showcase workshop on Sunday, April 8th to help prepare our upcoming graduates from the program for their portfolio review. About half of the current cohort were there to discuss what they wanted to include in their maker philosophy, to try-out ideas for their maker-centered lessons, and to work on designing their maker projects.

04-08-2018 Picture 2

Inspired by a scrolling LED nametag they saw at the meet-up, Halle and Mao wanted to design their own LED nametag holders. Using Inkscape, birch plywood and acrylic, they rapidly prototyped their own nametag holders to wear when they are peer mentoring in the UTeach Workroom, or representing UTeach Maker at events. In addition, they plan on sharing the plans on Instructables to help give back to the online maker community.