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April 20, 2020
zoom breakout

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On Saturday, April 18th, UTeach Maker used ZOOM to host our first-ever virtual weekend workshop. Makers and mentors spent time working together to use making as an outlet for de-stressing and focusing on self-care and health. Prior to the workshop, makers completed an at-home Maker Scavenger Hunt, locating materials that they might use for their project.

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The interactive, hands-on workshop focused on learning by making and used activities in a UTeach Maker Playbook developed by one of our maker mentors. Educators were able to select from a variety of activities including creating a power mask, an intention stick, a fear monster, or a personal permission slip. Each of these activities was rooted in art therapy and was designed to allow participants to make and express themselves during this unusual time

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We started as a whole group to discuss our individual ideas and then used ZOOM breakout rooms to get into small groups and build together. During the build time, participants could stay online and chat or hop off and then hop back on when ready. We finished with a whole group discussion. We learned about each other and developed a deeper community through sharing our hopes and fears. We look forward to getting back together in person as soon as we can!!!

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