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December 6, 2022


The start of the meeting was exciting since everyone could not wait to share what they worked on for this project. While eating, most folks were happy that the semester was ending and looked forward to the winter break for some well-earned rest. The mentors talked about the projects that they were working on at their respective locations, which added to the excitement in the room.



The first event of the night was to have our maker playground for the coat of arms projects that our teams have been working on all semester. It was amazing to see how every group used a different medium to create and show off their design. Some used assortments of fabrics and soft materials, while others used wood and hard materials. Also, the iconography on their projects wonderfully represented the commonalities that the teams had with each other.



Next, we had our guest speaker, Aaron Kohler, talk about UTeach Recruitment. The UTeach program is always happy to accept new members to the team, and the best way to recruit folks is to hear from people who are currently in the program. The makers looked forward to helping in any way they can to support the recruitment side of the group!



The last part of our maker meeting was focused on maker showcase presentations from some of our maker fellows. Due to the pandemic, there has been a low number of presentations that our new makers have seen. We asked some of our fellows to come back and present to show the wonderful work they did while they were at UTeach Maker and inspire the current members to work on their presentations.