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January 31, 2017
Cohort Meeting - 01-31-2017 - Photo 1

Cohort Meeting - 01-31-2017 - Photo 2On Tuesday 1/31/2017 UTeach Makers and mentors got together to visit the Ann Richards Makerspace. Mentors Patrick Benfield and Oren Connell led the night. UTeach Makers learned new skills through competing in the "Six Inch Chop Saw Challenge" and we discussed how to use tools safely with students. Current UTeach Makers also presented some of their recent work and displayed their Maker Showcases. And, there was plenty of yummy food, of course.

In addition, each of the first cohort of UTeach Makers were interviewed about (1) What is making, (2) Why is making important for education?, and (3) Why were they interested in UTeach Maker? See what the UTeach Makers had to say!