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July 7, 2020


Tuesday, July 7th was our second remote summer meetup. Though the pandemic disrupted our lives in many ways, remote technologies, like Zoom, helped up stay connected over the summer regardless of where we might be.

Through Zoom, we were able to connect with several program graduates no longer in Austin, including Paige Arneson who was able to share a fun, community building activity with us. She demonstrated how to use Padlet to make a Joy Scavenger Hunt board and suggested ideas for uses with students.


After participating in the scavenger hunt and sharing our inspirations, the whole group got a Nearpod tutorial from Dr. Ariel Taylor, a master teacher with the UTeach program. She showed us the affordances of the technology and helped us think of creative uses for the classroom.



Our virtual summer meetups have been a success, with more than half of our crew attending each event. What a great time together! We look forward to our August event.