November 2016 - Visit to the UT Foundry Makerspace

Cohort Meeting - 11-17-2016 - Photo 2

On Thursday 11/17/2016 UTeach Makers and mentors had the opportunity to visit the Foundry at the UTexas Fine Arts Library. Everybody had an opportunity to see examples of 3D printed objects and learn a little about the different techniques used in additive and subtractive digital fabrication.

Cohort Meeting - 11-17-2016 - Photo 1

During the tour the lab technician gave a demonstration about etching and cutting vectors with the laser cutter. We had the opportunity to see 3D scanners that could create 3D models of physical objects, 2.5D and 3D CNC machines for cutting wood foam and other materials, and a variety of sewing and embroidering machines for textile work. These tools are available to all students at UTexas.

Cohort Meeting - 11-17-2016 - Photo 3

In addition, the Foundry makerspace had a recording studio, workstations dedicated to the development of multimedia, and was in the process of adding an area for VR development with HTC Vive. After the tour all the UTeach Makers signed-up for a training course to become certified to use the 3D printers. The UTeach Maker fall 2016 cohort is excited to have access to these technologies and are looking forward to documenting their use of them in their maker portfolios.