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November 14, 2020


On Saturday, November 14th, UTeach Maker used ZOOM to host a weekend workshop. Makers and mentors spent time working together to explore the concept of ambiguity as it applies to making and to life. There was also time to work on their Maker Showcases.


We used google slides to engage in a virtual connection circle. Makers typed their names onto the slide a filled their box with a color and emoji to represent their emotional state. Share went around the circle and shared how things were going for each of us.


Dr. Shaunna Smith from The University of Hawaii led us in a discussion about ambiguity. Makers worked in teams to consider the various faces of ambiguity such as uncertainty, unfamiliarity, insolubility, and more. How do these feelings shape our experiences in and out of the classroom?


We finished with a time for makers to work on their Showcases with others at a similar spot in the program. During this work time they were able to turn to each other and their mentors for guidance and ideas.

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