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November 13, 2021

11-10-2019 Picture 2

On Saturday, November 13th, UTeach Maker partnered with ACE Family Maker Space to host the second workshop of the Fall semester. Thanks to this maker space, our makers were able to experience a new place and have fun creating together. The workshop started with some time to eat a snack and chat.

11-10-19 Picture 3

The first part of the workshop focused on the assembly of the crank and all the pieces associated with it. Most of the pieces were cut out using a laser cutter, but we left some to be done by hand to show our makers how this project can be done without any fancy technology.

11-10-19 Picture 4

The Second part of the workshop was focused on building the structure that would hold the crank and adding images to the pieces that moved. It was incredible to see what our makers added to customize their cranky contraption and make a unique moving image.

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