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November 8, 2022


The third cohort meeting of UTeach Maker happened on Tuesday, November 8th. Our makers were so excited to get their hands on technology to help them make their coat of arms. We gave them all time to fuel up and catch up before taking a journey across campus.



To kick off the meeting, we gave our attendees an exercise to help with defining their connection to making while working on their project. The Elements of Making consist of core ideas that come with working on a maker project and help provide a clear picture of whatever you are working on. Each person was given a specific Element of Making and dove deep into what that element means for them.



After that exercise, we wanted to outline the parameters of the coat of arms project one last time to make sure everyone was on the right track. This is a large project that these folks are working on, so we want to provide any support we can toward the amazing effort being put in by the groups. We gave them one last reminder for the deadline and headed over to the Foundry for the last part of our meeting.



Before sending our makers home, we finished our meeting with a tour of the Foundry located in the Fine Arts Library. This is a wonderful space filled with maker technology such as 3D printers and embroidery machines that are all free to use for current UT students and staff. Every tool available was showcased to them in the hope to inspire any last ideas for their coat of arms project.