October 2022 - Coat of Arms Deep Dive

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October 18, 2022

On Tuesday, October 13th, we held our second Fall 2022 Maker Meeting. It seemed like this meeting was well needed for some students to take a break from exams and to catch up with each other. Everybody was happy to be at the meeting and looking forward to what was in store for the day.



At the top of the meeting we introduced the new members of Maker to the group. All of them had a passion for discovering what making means to them and look forward to taking what they learn into new spaces.


Next, we separated into groups to give members an opportunity to talk with their mentors and update them on their maker showcase. This also gave the new members an in-depth look at what they should be doing as their progress in the Maker program.



The last portion of the meeting was used to introduce the semester-long project: making a coat of arms! We have tasked the groups to find areas or ideas they have in common and incorporate them into the coat of arms. We hope that this helps members form stronger bonds with each other while creating a fantastic piece of art.