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September 30, 2022


On Friday, September 30th, UTeach Maker held a frame-making workshop at The Foundry located in the Fine Arts Library. The workshop allowed students to explore the maker space while also giving them knowledge on how to use some of the tools available to them.


The workshop focused on two key tools; the Japanese hand saw, and the wood-burning tools. A Japanese hand saw is a hand-powered saw that allows the user to cut through most types of lumber. We used this tool to cut our lumber down to size and provided guidance on how to cut the pieces at an angle to have a traditional style of frame.


The second part of the workshop focused on the wood-burning tool, which is a pen-like shaped object with a metal tip that heats up. This tool gave our makers the chance to show off their artistry and customize the frames to fit their personal themes. All of the attendees made wonderful frames and left with the ability to make other small wooden crafts with their hands.

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