Maker Community

Maker Community

4. Maker Community: The purpose of this section is to illustrate that Making is an activity that occurs within complex communities. Making involves links to a wide array of people that bring diverse expertise and perspectives. These community networks support the connection to Making to a larger social context and provide productive pathways for learning

To meet the expectations for this section, candidates are expected to:

Endorsement Expectations
  • Provide documentation of engagement with the broader Maker community. This engagement may be in person or virtual. It may include participating in local or national maker events, such as maker Faire. It may include interacting through online courses, forums, or other virtual activities where endorsement candidates are connected to other Makers. This section should include some activities beyond the required UTeach Maker cohort meetings such as weekend workshops, Maker meet ups, etc
  • Document a volunteer or leadership role in at least one Maker event or program
  • Reflect on issues of equity, diversity, and access as it relates to the Maker program or event you are involved with. Connect reflections to your Maker philosophy and your UTeach experience.

Maker Community Resources:

Austin MakerEd Meetup
Maker Faire - Inspiration from Makers from the original Faire in the Bay area and all over the world. You’ll be blown away by what humans are creating.

Maker Faire: Austin - Austin is also home to a Maker Faire. Typically held in early May be sure you attend. You’ll see first hand so many projects and meet a great community of Makers eager to share their stories and encourage you along your own Maker path.

Austin Tinkering School - Looking for an amazing example of what kids can do when given freedom, stop by Austin Tinkering School. A wide range of ages are encouraged to invent, be messy, explore, fail, and grow in a safe and fun setting. You’ll be blown away with what such young people can create when adults get out of the way!

ATX Hackerspace
SX Create - Part of SXSW’s annual festival, Create is a free, and open to the public, showcase for Makers and companies that work in Maker focused arenas. It’s a great place to get exposure to the Maker community.

Thinkery – Austin's hands-on, science-based children's museum.

TechShop Austin - A tool nerd's dream shop. TechShops are top of the line Makerspaces that anyone can join and realize their making dreams. If you need a tool, (or need to learn how to use one) from sewing machines to CNC waterjet cutters, this is the place to visit. Your monthly membership fee gives you access and they charge a bit to learn to use the tools.


UTeach Maker Certificate and UTeach Maker Endorsements are micro-credentials of the UTeach Program at The University of Texas at Austin only. They are not affiliated with the Texas Education Agency or Maker Media Inc.