4. Maker Community: The purpose of this section is to illustrate that Making is an activity that occurs within complex communities. Making involves links to a wide array of people that bring diverse expertise and perspectives. These community networks support the connection to Making to a larger social context and provide productive pathways for learning

To meet the expectations for this section, candidates are expected to:

  • Provided documentation of engagement with the broader maker community. This engagement may be in person or virtual. This should include some activities beyond the required cohort meetings.
  • Documented a volunteer or leadership role in at least one maker event or program.
  • Shared reflections on issues of access as it relates to the maker program or event they are involved with.
  • Reflections are connected to their maker philosophy and their UTeach experience.

Writing Prompts:

Some possible prompts to consider when writing this section include:

  • What communities and spaces have you used to reach out for support and inspiration? Think broadly!
  • How did the connection with these groups impact your maker philosophy, maker projects, or general experience?
  • Why do you feel is it important to remain connected to maker communities?
  • What challenges have you encountered or noticed regarding accessibility to making for all communities? What opportunities for growth do you see?

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