2. Maker Project: The purpose of this category is to illustrate the candidate's personal experiences as a Maker. This section provides the opportunity for candidates to highlight their "maker mindset" as well as the dispositions involved in making. Participation in a personal project will support candidates in experiencing the playful, growth-oriented, and collaborative nature of Making.

To meet the expectations for this section, candidates are expected to:

  • Documented a maker project of their own design that includes the creation of an original artifact and an exhibition of work to an outside audience.
  • Documented various stages of the artifact creation. Used evidence to show how the artifact was modified, re-conceptualized, or adapted in the face of challenges.
  • The product shows a high level of individualization and represents an experience of clear personal significance.
  • Created an original artifact that represents an experience of clear personal significance.
  • Highlighted the use of multiple technologies, that may include but are not limited to technologies such as electronics, crafts, woodworking, programming in order to demonstrate a broad skill set.
  • Provided evidence of the development of STEM expertise through the creation of this maker artifact.
  • Indicated the use of community resources and collaboration with others.
  • Crafted and published a reflection on the creation process that includes an explicit connection to their maker philosophy and UTeach experience and preparation.

Writing Prompts:

Some possible prompts to consider when writing this section include:

  • How did you decide on/ develop this/these project/s? How does it connect to you personally?
  • What skills and habits of mind did you learn when creating this/these project/s?
  • What challenges did you encounter through your journey of making and how did you overcome these challenges?
  • What are the revisions or next steps, if any, you have in mind for this/these project/s?
  • How did this experience (or making in general) impact you personally and professionally?

Maker Project Resources:

  • Invent to Learn Guide to Fun
  • Project Ignite
  • Sew Electric
  • Introduction to design thinking from d-school at Stanford
  • 50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) - A great book from Tinkering mastermind Gever Tulley. It sets adults minds at ease and encourages kids and adults to relax, have fun, and learn a bit from “dangerous” activities.
  • SparkFun - A great resource for electronic supplies as well as a resource for learning how to use those electronic supplies. SparkFun has been enthusiastically supporting Makers and Maker Education for a number of years. Their SparkFun Inventor’s Kits are a great place to get started with electronics.
  • Adafruit - Another excellent resource for electronics with a focus on tutorials and education. Lots of fun projects and a very well-curated store. Look here for wearable electronics projects.
  • Opendesk.cc - A fun source for furniture plans and inspiration. All plans are designed to be easily cut from plywood on a CNC router. Plans are free to download, modify, and build. They will also connect you with local manufacturers.
  • Cardboard Fundamentals from Adafruit - Everything you need to know about working with cardboard.

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