Maker Project

Maker Project

2. Maker Project: The purpose of this category is to illustrate the candidate's personal experiences as a Maker. This section provides the opportunity for candidates to highlight their "maker mindset" as well as the dispositions involved in making. Participation in a personal project will support candidates in experiencing the playful, growth oriented, and collaborative nature of Making.

To meet the expectations for this section, candidates are expected to:

Endorsement Expectations
  • Provide documentation of a Maker project of their own design that includes the creation of an original artifact and a public exhibition of the artifact
  • Document various stages of the product including initiation, intermediate stages, and the final product. Show that more than one iteration of the product was attempted. Use evidence to show how the product was modified, re-conceptualized, or adapted in the face of challenges.
  • Product shows a high level of individualization and represents an experience of clear personal significance.
  • Documentation of the product creation highlights the use of multiple technologies, both low and high tech, such as: hand & power tools, programming, open-source tools, electronics, soldering, crafts, digital fabrication, and tinkering.
  • Provide evidence of the development of STEM expertise through the creation of this Maker artifact.
  • Indicate the use of community resources and collaboration with others during creation of the product.
  • Craft and publish a reflection on the creation process that includes an explicit connection to your Maker philosophy and UTeach experience.

Maker Project Resources:

Invent to Learn Guide to Fun
Project Ignite
Sew Electric
Introduction to design thinking from d-school at Stanford
50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) - A great book from Tinkering mastermind Gever Tulley. It sets adults minds at ease and encourages kids and adults to relax, have fun, and learn a bit from “dangerous” activities.

SparkFun - A great resource for electronic supplies as well as a resource for learning how to use those electronic supplies. SparkFun has been enthusiasticly supporting Makers and Maker Education for a number of years. Their SparkFun Inventor’s Kits are a great place to get started with electronics.

Adafruit - Another excellent resource for electronics with a focus on tutorials and education. Lots of fun projects and a very well curated store. Look here for wearable electronics projects. - A fun source for furniture plans and inspiration. All plans are designed to be easily cut from plywood on a CNC router. Plans are free to download, modify, and build. They will also connect you with local manufacturers.

Cardboard Fundamentals from Adafruit - Everything you need to know about working with cardboard.


UTeach Maker Certificate and UTeach Maker Endorsements are micro-credentials of the UTeach Program at The University of Texas at Austin only. They are not affiliated with the Texas Education Agency or Maker Media Inc.